Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Dictionaries



The quotes is so true that, without knowledge it is hard to make other people feel your presence and to be yourself ahead from everyone, in this fast pace generation. It doesn’t matter, which industry you are belongs to. Keeping you updated to compatible and match up the current trend is very important all over the world whether it’s the Eastern or the Western world. As we all know “Half knowledge is dangerous”. Whether it is in any language, dictionaries have been the best friends for enhancing and use for any academic or casual purposes.

Advantage of online dictionaries

· Gone are the days when we used to utilize traditional intricacies dictionaries, which generally used to take about minutes to find one single word. But we should thank to the internet which turned in to boon to all the internet users.

· The best part of the online English dictionary is that they doesn’t take long to search desired word in front of you. All you need to do is ��typing’ for your yearned words and yes obviously internet system with you.

· In case you are not around by your traditional dictionary, and suddenly you have a need of finding any meaning of the English word, then don’t worry you can use your internet which is on your phone to get the meaning of it

· You seriously don’t have to buy and carry those heavy and bulky and expensive English dictionaries all the time to use them.

· One can find number of online dictionaries applications available for phones, as well as for PCs. But don’t worry , you can’t only use online but, you can find innumerable offline English applications like English dictionary, Sinhala dictionary offline, My first English dictionary, English visual dictionary, RicDic, etc., for free. You can easily find these applications for your phone on google play or play store on android phone.

· Online dictionaries have always being updated in between the times to coordinate the humans need and with the invention of new terminology, which helps you to keep updated along with the time. It is not possible with the traditional dictionaries until unless you buy the new updated version.

· Many of you must be aware of the fact that it not only helps to get synonyms, metaphors and meaning of the words, but also you can use it for the translation of other languages.

Disadvantages of online English dictionaries

· Though being more useful pathway to achieve specific results, online dictionaries have some disadvantages as well.

· These types of dictionaries are not always comprehensive and up to the mark how the way we want them to be. Since the English dictionaries are inscribed by the renowned universities and well educated professors we can more rely in the terms of precision and accuracy of the meanings.

· Online dictionary can be not good for whose suffer with eye-sight and eye related problems, as computers and phone releases a blue light radiation which is not suitable for the long time users of online dictionary.

· When we search for any word online, we might get results for that word only. But tradition dictionary boost up your brains vocabulary knowledge by showing similar words in the same page. So that while you are looking for the desired word you might get the chance to learn new word in the same page.

· Other disadvantage, I have come across is the online advertisements, pop-up, malware, etc. annoys a lot while using it often.

· Despite being available for free, some application gets expired itself or ping you to download the updated version with some charges.

· Many of us have left the habit of using traditional dictionaries which has diminished our vocabulary knowledge and we are unaware of using unique terminologies.

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