Queries regarding Mathenomicon.net.
  1. General Questions
    1. Is “Mathenomicon” a real word or name?
      1. No.

        “Mathenomicon” is an invented term, but made up from “real ingredients.” Anyone familiar with the works of Howard Philips Lovecraft will be familiar with the “Necronomicon,” a book referred to in his fictional works that describes various dark arts. Mathenomicon.net describes the dark arts of mathematics.

        The etymology given on the front page would be accurate – more or less – if “Mathenomicon” were a real term.

    2. Who owns/runs Mathenomicon.net?
  2. Using the site
    1. What is the difference between “dictionary entries”, “encyclopædic articles” and so on?
    2. What is the precise definition of alphabetical order used in the A-Z index?
  3. Article-related questions
    1. Why have all the biographies on the site been replaced by external links to the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive?
  4. Mathematics and Notation
    1. Are functions written on the left or the right on Mathenomicon.net?
  5. Behind the scenes
    1. In technical terms, how are articles produced for Mathenomicon.net?