Having a great result is not just about reading hard and attending classes, it also involve you planning the total exam and these tips will help you in improving your test taking skills


Coming out on top in an exam is not just based on your ability to read well or how smart you are. There are a lot of factors that take place, which will result either in a successful exam or a low scored exam. Obviously you need to attend as many classes as you can to prepare yourself mentally and to impress your teachers. Make sure you do the reading that is required of you, and if you have to stay up late at night studying then that’s what you need to do. But beyond the personal preparation, there are practical plans you need to have in mind on how to take tests, and these tips are what -test takers teaches.  By using a resource like this, you’ll be able to get ahead in school without all the added pressure that comes along with it.

But, there are also some things you should keep in mind while planning to improve your test taking skills, which we’ve outlined below.

Make Sure You Attend The Review Session

 Skipping classes can be really dangerous most times because you tend to miss out on the essential things that has been thought in class. Sometimes, it is hard not to miss classes especially if you are the very busy type. If you happen to miss classes, then attending the review session is just the best way to recover your lapses. Right there at the class, you will get hints about the test content and also areas that the test will cover.


What to Eat Before The Test

You might be asking what role food has to play when taking a test. But no one wants to get into a test hall and after a few minutes began to sleep. Eating heavy will make you feel too full and week in the test hall. This will result into a less flexible smart writing in the hall. So make sure you eat very light food to avoid heaviness.



Time Yourself

 This is one thing many students don’t take serious. Timing yourself both during preparation and right there at the exam hall is an essential thing to do. This will help you plot out how any minutes it will take you to finish up one questions and the whole question.




Understanding Your Grading System 

If you are new in the school or in the system, then ask around about how the grading system is done. This will help you understand what score you will need to get to high the standard you want and how many questions that will take you to achieve that.

Prioritize Your Questions

 In some test system, all questions carry equal marks. So you ant to ask why waste so much time answering the complex questions. The best things to do are to go straight to all the very simple questions and take them out first. Answer the questions from the simplest questions to the most complex or else you will loose marks answering the complex ones and then run out of time before being able to answer the simple ones.

Return back to the complex ones

 After you have been able to take out the simple questions, check your time and quickly return to the complex questions that you skipped earlier.

Having a great result is not just about reading hard and attending classes, it also involves you planning for the exam and these tips will help you in improving your test taking skills if you follow them.